Our name is inspired by “Mater Matuta”, the indigenous latin goddess of sunshine, protector of birth and childhood.

AMBER MATUTA is an Italian-Polish luxury jewelry brand dedicated to all women who are mothers or who are about to become one.

Our mission is to create luxury jewelry that expresses the joy of motherhood and that will make every woman feel beautiful and delighted wearing something distinguished and recognisable.

All AMBER MATUTA creations are inspired by the elegance of Italian goldmith’s art and they reunite noble materials like 18k gold and diamonds with the natural spirit of Baltic amber.

We are a proud member of Women’s Jewelry Association.


Designed in Rome, Italy
Handcrafted in Gdańsk, Poland

Amber Matuta Diamond Gold Baby Pendant
Amber Matuta Baby Gold Pendant

Baltic Amber, or succinite, is a fossilized gemstone that dates from 40 million years ago. Amber starts out as resin which trees secret to heal a wound and once it remains buried underground, the pressure and heat that naturally build up in such conditions slowly harden it. Baltic Amber occurs in a wide range of colors, from a pale lemon yellow to a dark brown.

Quality: We select only the most beautiful beads of amber to ensure that every pendant is consistent with our original design. That is why our jewelry production is limited to few piece a year to garantee the highest level of quality and exclusiviness.

Cut: Round beads are the most precious cut in amber jewelry. It requires a raw stone up to three times the final volume of the bead and you cannot know in advance what colors it is going to have inside.

Amber Matuta Amber Road Via dell'Ambra

The Amber Road was an ancient trade route for the transfer of amber from the Baltic Sea to the Mediterranean Sea. As an important raw material, sometimes dubbed “The Gold of the North“, amber was transported from the Polish coasts to Italy, Greece and Egypt for thousands of years.

As a matter of fact, Baltic amber beads were found on the breast ornament of the Egyptian pharaoh Tutankhamen aswell as in the temple of Apollo at Delphi and in the Royal Tomb of Qatna in Syria.

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